Sandalwood Wins Award for Carnation Parade Float!

Sandalwood Wins Award for Carnation Parade Float!Sandalwood proudly honored America’s veterans with its float commemorating the 70th anniversary of World War Two in the annual Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival parade.  The Carnation Festival celebrates the community of Wheat Ridge and the Sandalwood community has made the event an important part of the summer calendar.

In this, the 46th year of the festival and parade, Sandalwood was awarded the Countess Award for the float which featured staff and residents dressed in patriotic garb.  Nurses rode along with the float costumed as American Red Cross workers.  Sandalwood has received numerous awards over the years for parade entries, and the awards are given in the form of decorative plates.

Drop by Sandalwood to see our display of award plates today!

You can learn more about the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival here.

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