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“Staff is Great!  This is the third time I have been here and I find the proficiency of the therapy staff is excellent!  Nursing staff did very well by me and attended to all my needs.  I would recommend Sandalwood!”

- Jerl H.

“I’m completely satisfied with my stay.  The nurses and care colleagues are excellent and have met all of my needs.  The entire staff is so pleasant and has made my stay here as positive as possible.  Everyone is very accommodating.  I volunteer at Exempla Lutheran and my mom was at 3 different assisted living facilities, so I am very aware of the types of meals served.  The food at Sandalwood is far above average from what I’ve seen.  I was just congratulating the dietary manager yesterday because the roast beef was so tender that I could cut it with a fork.”

- Alma L.

“This is a wonderful place and she even checked the long term care neighborhood to see how it look like, she said she decide if something happen to her in future she prefer to come back to Sandalwood. She goes on saying everybody is great and what a great team we have here, compare to some places, and keep up with the good job. And she’s coming back on 12/14/12 for the Karaoke show.”

- Sherilyn M.

“During my stay at The Rehabilitation Center At Sandalwood I received excellent physical therapy care and was able to feel my body mending itself. The good food, friendly staff and a clean and comfortable room made my stay a good one.” 

- Jerome B.